Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Communigator CRM is a web based customer relationship management tool for managing and nurturing your customer interactions across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support

Contact Management

Centralise your contact management - Communigator is the smarter way to manage
the people and companies you do business with.
Know what was said, sent or done! Keep track of activity with your Contacts

  Keep contact notes
  Track different types of activity: phone calls, email, visits, letters, etc
  Attach documents and other files to a contact

Group your Contacts

  Give each contact a Type (eg Prospect, Customer, Supplier)
  Setup unlimited categories and assign as many as you like to a contact

Get to know them well

  Assign contacts to people in your organisation
  Create custom database fields to store specific information that you need
  Integrated mapping automatically shows you a map of their work and home addresses
  Customise contact lists - choose what information you want to appear in your contact lists

See what's been happening

  View the contacts open leads
  See the sales made to the Contact

Easy to Maintain

  Import your contacts from Outlook or a CSV file from your existing system
  Export your contacts in CSV format (Opens in Excel)
  Lead & Sales Management
  Customise contact lists - choose what information you want to appear in your contact lists

Take control - know how much potential business you have at any time!

Wouldn't you like to know...>
  How much potential business you have at any one time?
  How long it takes to convert the different types of products/services you sell?
  When a lead is at risk of being lost due to inactivity?
  That your sales people are being proactive and following good process?
  How much business is likely to be won and when?
  Why you aren't winning business?

Communigator Sales and Leads is an easy way to ensure your business stays on track!

During the day-to-day interaction with the system, important information is gathered and reported on.
This is presented to you in an easy to understand format using graphs and summary tables so you can make good decisions, instead of guessing.