Holiday Park Monitoring

Manage your Units, Housekeeping and Cleaners

  Monitor and improve your housekeeping efficiency
  Track KPIs and monitor cleaning standards
  Comprehensive reporting shows you what is actually happening

Keep on top of Maintenance

  Automatically schedule maintenance from cleaner's reports
  Staff can load 'hot list' tasks that need dealing to immediately
  Touch Screen interface to deliver task list to maintenance area

Scheduled Routine Tasks

  Setup a schedule of tasks and the system will automatically generate and assign the tasks to staff
  Keep track of what hasn't been done

Meter Readings with Alerts

  Keep tabs on your sustainability efforts
  Create meters to track usage: Power, water, phone, pool temp, etc...
  Setup alerts and have them broadcast when certain targets, increases or decreases are met or not met

Comprehensive User Security

  Only allow users to access and see the areas they need to